ESFA Chairperson Nigel Singh Steps Down From ESFA Board

A message from the General Manager of ESFA on behalf of the ESFA Board:

It is with sadness that the ESFA Board announces the departure of Nigel Singh from his role as ESFA Chairperson. Nigel has also tendered his resignation from the ESFA Board, effective as of 5 October 2023.

Nigel has been an invaluable asset to our organisation, bringing a wealth of experience and dedication to his role as Chairperson. Due to pressing business commitments demanding his immediate attention, Nigel has made the challenging decision to relinquish his position.

During his tenure, Nigel played a pivotal role in shaping the direction and success of ESFA. His leadership, unwavering support for our clubs, and commitment to the development of football in our community have been instrumental in ESFA’s progress.

The ESFA Board members express their gratitude to Nigel for his outstanding contributions and leadership, and fully understand and respect his decision to prioritise his other responsibilities.

To ensure continuity and continued progress, Glen Overton, Elected Director, has been elected by his peers as interim Chairperson until the forthcoming Annual General Meeting. Glen will assume the responsibilities of Chairperson until a successor is appointed.

Nigel will continue to be a part of the ESFA community through his work with Coogee United, and we hope to continue benefiting from his insights and support in a different capacity.

Nigel said “It has been a remarkable few years as Chair of ESFA, and I have cherished the opportunity to work with so many passionate and committed people across the football ecosystem. Whilst it’s been tough at times, we’ve achieved much together and I thank everyone that I’ve had the privilege of working with and representing. There are many good people within ESFA, and I’ll miss the opportunity to learn from and work with some extremely talented and capable people. I feel the Association is positioned well for success and have no doubt that the ESFA team will continue to progress the interests of football in the Eastern Suburbs for all participants. I look forward to seeing you on the parks”. 

Greg Storey ESFA General Manager

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