Football For Firies

With Phoenix FC held a mixed five aside tournament on Saturday January 11th 2020 to raise funds for bushfire affected communities. Phoenix proudly raised $6,500.00 through many members of our football family and beyond, which was a mammoth effort and should be congratulated. We hear Phoenix may travel to an affected community to thank the firies in person, which is a brilliant initiative on their part.

To continue with the theme of the community raising further funds, a Football for Firies event has been organised by Coogee United Men’s Premier League on Saturday 1st February 2020.

Three Clubs will be playing for the Football For Firies trophy in a round robin 11 a side tournament. With ESFA’s own Waverley Old Boys joining Coogee, Northern Suburbs Football Association’s West Pymble FC round out the third Club. Coogee United met West Pymble in their Champion of Champions Final victory in 2018. The football is bound to be of the best quality and well worth an afternoon of football entertainment.

How can we help? We can be there to spectate with friends and family. There will be a barbque and beverages in the setting of Mission Fields at Centennial Parklands. Just make sure your pockets and wallets are filled with cash to support the cause. There will be a raffle on the day and some great prizes on offer. Of course, if you can’t be there, yet you still want to assist the cause, contact any of the Clubs concerned.

We asked both Coogee and Waverley their thoughts about the organising of the day.

Jimmy Whiteford from Coogee told us “after seeing the devastation of the bushfires over recent months, we at Coogee United, felt the need to try and support our stunning homeland through some very rough times. It’s a pleasure to see the footballing communities of both West Pymble and Waverley Old Boys, join us in some competitive football, all in a bid to raise as much funds as possible to support such a great cause.”

Mark Ambour from Waverley Old Boys added “we at WOBFC have also been affected by the bushfires which have ravaged our beautiful country. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been deeply affected by the loss of human life and wild life. We thank Coogee United for coming up with this initiative and we are proud to be a part of it. Every little contribution matters.”

Chris Semann from West Pymble gave us his thoughts: “The recent bushfires over the last few months have taken a massive toll on all Australians. To support all those affected by the recent bushfires, football communities have come together to help raise money for those in need. Thank you to Coogee United for hosting such a great cause and from all of us from West Pymble FC. We look forward to sharing the field with Coogee United and WOB”.

We hope the day is a great success and can add to the continuing contribution from the ESFA Football Community to our bushfire affected neighbours.

With thanks to our partners

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