Wet Weather

ESFA provides wet weather information on weekend match days. These information sources are updated at or before 8AM – later updates go to clubs directly if required.

For training ground closures, check with the local councils or other ground hirers as appropriate.

NOTE: We only update wet weather information if matches are closed. If you do not see an update then the match will go ahead as scheduled. Club officials will be notified if a game can be moved from a closed field to the opposition’s open field.

ESFA does not make the decision to close a ground in the event of wet weather. Ground closures follow a set decision making hierarchy:

  1. Ground Owner: All closure notices from owners are final and absolute.
  2. Ground Hirer: A hirer may close a ground at any time if it is not fit for play. Hirers may take advice, but it is the hirer’s responsibility to monitor the situation on their grounds and must close any grounds that are unfit for play. Hirers cannot re-open grounds closed by owners.
  3. Referee: The appointed match official must ensure that each match is played on a safe ground. Referees cannot close a ground but may declare that a field is not safe to play on. A referee cannot re-open grounds closed by owners or hirers.

Once a ground is closed, it cannot be re-opened that day.

Wet Weather Notifications

Please check ESFA Facebook or Instagram for ground closures and/or field changes due to wet weather.

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