One Bumper of a Huge Decider Weekend For Seniors! *Updated

Here’s a rundown of just how close some (or should we say most) of our competitions are this weekend on the final weekend of senior competition (with exception of WPL Cup, O35 Championship Cup and MPL) of season 2020.

This season may have been hard for so many in many respects, though we think we got something right with football, judging by our Competition tables.

We hope you have your mathematical skills ready (or a notebook and pencil!)

AAM1 – Coogee United have a game in hand tonight against Dunbar. This competition right now is too close to call between South East Eagles and Coogee for the Premiership but rest assured, it looks like the Grand Final at least has been decided (not the score though, just the teams!). **Update Friday 9th October, Coogee United have taken the leader board for the first time this season! All eyes on Sunday folks!

AAM2 – We know that UNSW and Coogee will meet in the Grand Final, but who will be Premiers after this weekend. 1 point in it for now and it’s all about a win on Sunday for both teams.

AAM4 – The top 2, Dunbar and Coogee A are in the Grand Final though this Sunday will decide who are the Premiers. Once again, 1 point in it for now!

AAM5 – Lokomotiv Cove A have a game in hand on Friday night which could potentially give them the Premiership. If not, there is Sunday to still win! With Lions and Lokomotiv Cove B in hot contention for the Grand Final.

AAM6 – with Randwick being crowned premiers, it’s a close race between Syd Uni, Redfern and Queens Park for the elusive Grand Final spot, with Sydney Uni having a game in hand Friday night, this

AAM7 – Waverley have secured the Premiership and are awaiting their Grand Final opponent. The Dunbar v Pagewood AA7 game, just became a “semi final” this weekend!

AAM8 – Redfern Raiders are likely Premiers though in football anything could happen albeit the goal difference seems incredibly unsurmountable! Regardless, the likelihood is that they will meet South East Eagles in the Grand Final.

AAM9 – Queens Park and Waverley Old Boys are fighting it out for the Premiership. It’s mathematical but it’s football where we all know anything can happen. Regardless, they have definitely secured their spots in the Grand Final based on Goal Difference at this point.

AAM1 (Sat) – with Queens Park crowned Premiers, it’s too close to call for their Grand Final opponent. Mathematically it’s a five-horse race between 2nd and 5th spot! Definitely a competition to watch this Saturday!

AAM3 (Sat) – Queens Park have won the Premiership though it’s a three-way race for the Grand Final with two Easts’ teams and Sydney CBD attempting the gallop to the finish line. Who will come out on top? Though with Easts AAM3 (Black) playing tonight, this may end up totally a two Club race for the elusive Grand Final spot. **Update Friday 9th October – Easts AAM3 (Black) have knocked Easts AAM3 (Blue) out of contention for the Grand Final and now it’s Sydney CBD or Easts AAM3 (Black) dependent on results this Sunday!

AA5 (Sat) – Queens Park dominating the Saturday leagues for Premierships, but will it be Maroubra or UNSW who challenge them to be Champions in the Grand Final. Saturday looks a busy day!

AA7 (Sat) – Good grief! Too close to call for Premiers let alone the Grand Finalists. UNSW, 2 Easts’ sides, Sydney Uni and slight outsiders Maroubra United all potentials! This is THE Competition on Saturday to watch.

O45 Championship – Will it be Dunbar A or Pagewood A as Premiers – right now it’s a 1 goal difference that separates the two and will it be the same or reversed as Champions? The Grand Final is decided but with two trophies to play for, this competition is going down to the wire.

O45 Div 2 – There’s certainly a show on display this weekend. Maccabi and Lokomotiv Cove potential Premiers with Redfern Raiders fighting for a spot in the Grand Final as well.

O35 Div 2 – We won’t call it yet! Coogee B, Queens Park and Coogee C. Close, close and even closer! Sunday will crown the Premiers and decide the Grand Finalists.

AAW2 – It’s close folks! Very close. With Sydney Uni and Coogee playing a double header weekend, Sunday could be the decider for the Premiership and the Grand Final spots, between Coogee, Lokomotiv and Easts. Stay tuned on this exciting Women’s competition! *Update a last minute forfeit on the Saturday game has Coogee ahead and it’s

AAW3 – Another scorcher of a competition. 4 clubs! 1 Premiership up for grabs and 2 Grand Final spots. Watch this space – Easts, Coogee, Sydney Uni and slight outsiders, Glebe but only on goal difference. Women’s football has been excellent this season. **Update – forfeit for the Saturday match, has Coogee United ahead on the table by 1 point. Football this weekend just got hotter!

AAW4 – With the Premiership awarded to Heffron Hawks, will it be Coogee or South East Eagles in the Grand Final? The goal difference may be the decider but so may a win by Coogee on Sunday.

AAW5 – Queens Park have secured the League and even have a double header up their sleeve this weekend, playing Easts on Saturday then Maroubra United on Sunday. Saturday’s fixture could mathematically and potentially affect who Queens Park may meet in the Grand Final, although am sure UNSW are watching carefully.

History would say we have never had such closely contested competitions on the last weekend of the season. 

We would also like to congratulate the following clubs who have already won their respective leagues and the Grand Final opponents already known.

AAM3 – Waverley Old Boys (Premiers) who will meet Coogee United in the Grand Final with both teams ready to be Champions!

O35 Championship – Dunbar Rovers (Champions) who will meet Glebe Wanderers in the Grand Final. This will be the first time in as many seasons, Dunbar Rovers are in the Grand Final for the past 3 seasons and being Champions in both 2018 and 2019. Glebe Wanderers looking to add the Champions title themselves, having finished in the top 4 in 2019.

WPL – Coogee United who were the only team in all of ESFA senior competition to be unbeaten all season, are Premiers and will meet Waverley Old Boys, hungry to amend that record and reverse their Grand Final result from 2019.

Our Men’s Premier League completes their season on 31st October, with the Grand Final on 7th November and trust us when we say, things are just starting to heat up in both Reserve Grade and First Grade.

We also still have WPL Cup and O35 Championship Cup Semis and Final to play. The season that continues to give where it can.

We thank all our players, coaches, managers and club administrators and volunteers this season, for keeping football on the parks in an unpredictable, testing and unique season. 

Find out where everyone is playing this weekend here. Wishing everyone the best over the weekend. Check back in to see if games played tonight have made this even more exciting.

We look forward to 2021 being far less like an annoying little sibling; unpredictable, always lurking in the shadows and way too short and all about more football!

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