Referee Courses 2021

Being a referee is a challenging job, but there are great rewards. To be a successful official, you will need mental toughness, good people skills and thick skin. Refereeing will inherently teach you all of those skills and much more. If you love football, you will have the best view of the game as an official. More importantly, officiating will teach you how to view the games in a whole new light – one that emphasises fairness, integrity, decisiveness and sound judgement.

Get ready to challenge yourself and start one of the most rewarding jobs you’ll ever have as we have streamlined our process on how to become a referee and our courses for 2021.

There are a number of steps needed and with courses running early next year, find out everything you need to know, on our Become A Referee Page with a step by step guide.

To play and enjoy football, we require more match officials – are you willing to become part of the solution and become a vital member of the team?

Contact ESFA at any time for further information.

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