The Primates Walk The Field

A squad of players, The Primates, participated in the inaugural ‘Walk the Field’ Walking Football event hosted by the Southern Districts Football Association and Wollongong University students on Saturday the 13th of May. There were indoor and outdoor games of 15 minutes.

The Primates played in the mixed social division, so the scores didn’t count! Luckily! Mixed results, but a feeling of achievement playing in a very well-organized event, with a great deal of comradeship.

We are already meeting people from previous tournaments and hopefully some will come to the Eastern Suburbs for an event some day!

All in all, each event brings 150 players together to help promote the growing idea that there is a need for the recreational activity of Walking Football.


Players – Back Row – Ron, Arna, Alex, Con, Tony (manager)

Benched  –  Aileen, Frank, Nick (coach)

Players from the winning mixed competition group play at Coral Sea, Maroubra! Come and join us – 10.00am kick off

Frank Friedmann – Walking Football


With thanks to our partners

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