Walking Football is Growing! Come and try for yourself!

ESFA and Maroubra United recently hosted the second week of our Walking Football ‘Come & Try Session’ on Saturday 14th of May at Coral Sea Park.

Sixteen participants joined in on all the action in a bid to be part of what is an ever growing part of the sport.

Our General Manager Bill Kostandas paid a glowing tribute to Maroubra United’s Frank Friedmann who was the brains behind getting Walking Football on the map in the area.

“On behalf of ESFA I am thrilled that Walking Football has kicked off. In its second week at Coral Sea Park, Frank Friedmann from Maroubra United Football Club has done a lot of great work in getting Walking Football up and running in the Eastern Suburbs. Due to Frank’s passion and drive for Walking Football I am sure the sport will grow very quickly as word gets out what a great sport Walking Football is.

“Walking Football is a great sport for all ages. The benefits of Walking Football in terms of physical and mental health are so good. It is a great way for people of all ages to either have an introduction to Football or be reengaged to the sport in a fun and controlled environment.

“Walking Football is for all – doesn’t matter what age you are everyone is welcome.”

Walking football has become increasingly popular over the last few years – and for good reason. Aimed at adults over 50, although we are welcoming keen players of all ages, walking football has many social, mental and physical health benefits. 

Mental health benefits of Walking Football
There are also many psychological and mental health advantages to playing Walking Football – namely high levels of personal reward and satisfaction with reduced levels of stress and exertion while playing, despite working physically hard.

Social benefits of Walking Football
Walking football also gives an often isolated section of the community the chance to become involved in something they really enjoy, make new friends, form lasting relationships with like-minded people and generally improve their social circle and overall quality of life, often making them feel less isolated and more a part of the wider community.

Walking football is about getting involved
There are also significant benefits for any older people involved in a Walking Football environment or club who perhaps don’t always want to play but can engage in other aspects of the sport or club such as administrative roles.

A real sense of purpose and belonging
Team manager, organising fixtures etc or sitting on a management committee of the club or even just being involved in a social capacity for the good company and friendship. All these things can help to keep older people mentally active and give their lives a very real sense of purpose and belonging, the value of which cannot be overstated.

WANT TO GET INVOLVED? For more information, contact ESFA at info@esfa.com.au

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