Women’s Premier League Preliminary Finals Preview

We’ve finally hit the pointy end of the season as the first round of finals commences in just two days. We are so pleased that our clubs have rallied together to get a complete season in along with a full series of finals. In the WPL, the end of the regular season saw a big shake up in the top four. Coogee, Sydney and Loko have spent much of the season in the top four with consistent dominant performances. The final spot was snatched up by Dunbar Rovers after three impressive victories in the final week, including a 1-0 win over second placed Sydney, surpassing Maroubra for the remaining finals place.

This week we are letting the clubs write the previews, telling us about their thoughts on the season, the finals and their teams.

Coogee United vs Sydney University Soccer Football Club, 5:00PM, Heffron Park Synthetic
Here’s what Coogee player and Vice President, Amy Singh, had to say ahead of the fixture:
“Our WPL team move into the finals feeling quietly confident. The team have performed well all season and have weathered some strong challenges from all the teams in the final’s series.

Sydney University are a tough outfit that are historically tough to break down, so we remain wary and vigilant for the threat they pose. The Coog will need to bring a strong performance to Fortress Heffron on Sunday evening to book a place in the Big Show in 2 weeks’ time. The team are well rested after last weekend off, and ready to go!”

Here’s what Sydney Captain, Pip Easling, had to say:
“We have had a challenging season with illness and a mass exodus to Europe but are returning to full strength just in time for finals. We’ve got historically good form in finals series and we’re looking to be the team that will finally beat Coogee this season!!”

Lokomotiv Cove vs Dunbar Rovers, 1:30PM, Alexandria Park
Here’s what Loko Coach, Sophie Giakoumidis, had to say ahead of the weekend:

“We’re really happy with how we’ve gone this season given it’s only our second year in the WPL. Third place is a huge result in such a tightly contested competition – not to mention, scoring the 2nd most goals in the league! We are excited going into this weekend’s semi-final with a full-strength team and playing against Dunbar who have proven to be tough competition and a team who we believe are certainly worthy of a 4th place finish.”

Dunbar Rovers Player, Rosie, made these comments:
“We’re coming to the game this weekend on a run of great form and with a hunger for the win. Whatever ideas you might have about this game based on the first half of this season… we’d suggest you reconsider your bets.  Looking forward to kickoff and a solid Dunbar win.”

Good luck ladies!

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