COVID19 Update – June 22

COVID-19 Update: Recommendations Applying to Training and Playing

For the latest information regarding Covid-19 please stay up to date with the advice of NSW Health

In line with the NSW Government advice, we recommend our participating clubs, teams, officials, players, and spectators exercise caution and Covid-safe practices when training and playing.

With several active cases in the Eastern Suburbs under investigation and the introduction of mask wearing rules in six of the Local Government Areas in our jurisdiction, we are recommending adoption of the following practices around our sport to protect the community. Our recommendations apply immediately, and we will continue to update you.


The following recommendations apply immediately to TRAINING.

·        Observe hand hygiene practices before and after participating in training.

·        Do not share drinks or drink bottles.

·        Conduct training in small groups of no more than 20 people (including coaching personnel).

·        Observe social distancing practices (1.5 metres between players) where practical.

·        Parents and spectators are discouraged from attending and remain socially distant.

·        Minimise contact training (tackling and challenges) where possible.

·        Emphasis on non-contact skills and exercise (e.g., kicking, passing, and shooting).

·        Minimise sharing of equipment (particularly the handling of cones, ropes, weights etc)

·        Individual players wear allocated bibs and they take individual bibs home and wash them.

·        Change-rooms not used and remain closed.

·        Social activity before and after is discouraged.  We recommend arrival 15 minutes prior and departure immediately after training.


The following recommendations apply to PLAYING.

·        Observe hand hygiene practices before and after participating in a game.

·        No handshakes prior to the start or at the end of a match.

·        Team huddles, handshakes and high-fives and multi-player celebrations are discouraged.

·        Do not share drinks or drink bottles.

·        No spitting (on or around the park or on gloves)

·        Spectators observe social distancing practices.

·        Spectators are encouraged to wear masks where practical.

·        Parents and spectators are asked to limit attendance where possible.

·        Change-rooms not used and remain closed.

·        Team benches organised to 1.5 metres between coaching staff and substitutes.

·        Social activity before and after is discouraged. We recommend arrival on-time prior and departure soon after games.

·        Clubs operating canteens and BBQs are reminded to follow their Covid-safe plans and practices.


Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19, even mild symptoms, should get tested at a COVID-19 testing clinic.

NSW Health continues to urge people who have visited a confirmed COVID-19 case location to get tested. Full details:

Participants are expected to self-isolate following a COVID-19 test (whilst awaiting results and advice from NSW Health), when diagnosed with COVID-19, or when you have been in close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case.

We love our game, and we want all participants to continue to enjoy the great benefits of community sport. Participation in our game is voluntary. If players are unable or unwilling to participate in a scheduled match, please contact your club.

Greg Storey

Acting General Manager

On Behalf of the Board, Management and Staff

Eastern Suburbs Football Association

With thanks to our partners

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