Declaration of League Winners

We recently announced the conclusion to our 2021 Winter Season. This is a difficult period for everyone, given ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. We’re all missing football, the competition, the joy and community we all gain from participation.

One of the remaining steps for Season 2021 is the declaration of League Winners.

Given the uneven number of completed matches across so many competitions, we are declaring winners based on the highest ranked “points per game”. This methodology is considered best practice and is recommended and followed by Football NSW in such situations. Ladders in Dribl have now been updated (and sorted) with this additional data point (Points Per Game is presented as “Avg”).

Please see below a list of our 2021 League Winners.

Congratulations to these teams and their clubs on their 2021 campaign. We all look forward to 2022 and completing a full season of football. 

Important Note for Junior boys competitions:
A number of Junior boys competitions were recently regraded. In U14 Division 2 and U16 Division 2 the League winners are reflected with ** in Dribl Competition Ladders. Teams who did not compete in sufficient games in those leagues to be declared winners are reflected with * in Ladders. In the U15 Championship competition, the league winner is Dunbar Rovers who (along with other teams) competed in the U16 Championship competition after regrading. 

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