ESFA Social Media Policy

With the continual rise of Social Media platforms, over the years this has provided us all an opportunity to indulge in our love of football with other like-minded people.

However, while sharing the positive it also provides a public forum to vent our frustrations. It is important to remember that in a public forum, it is visible to all. Therefore, every interaction/conversation on Social Media, should be treated as public.

The web is not anonymous. ESFA Members and staff should assume that everything they write can be traced back to them. Remember, consideration and responsibility will always have you onside.

Consequently, the ESFA Board have endorsed and adopted the attached Social Media Policy. There are also Penalties that may apply as per Schedule H: Schedule of Penalties 31-01 Detrimental Public Comment (including Media and Social Media).

There are appropriate channels within ESFA to address issues with competitions, referees, other clubs, ESFA staff or players.

The Social Media Policy is available by clicking here.

Let’s all stay onside with Social Media.

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