Female Coach Mentorship Group – Female Football Week

As we continue to celebrate female football week this week, we wanted to appeal to all aspiring female coaches to get involved with our Female Coach Mentorship Program (FCMG).

The FCMG vision is to: “To create an environment that inspires and empowers females to coach and develop as coaches.”

Female coaches are able to join a broader community of coach’s with the same passion and motivations for getting involved in the game. It is our goal to provide opportunities and a safe environment for new and existing coaches to share ideas, ask for help, and access upcoming coach development courses and forums.

We’ve already launched multiple grass roots coaching courses this year, as well as the upcoming Webinar in conjunction with MacArthur Football association. This fantastic collaboration means we can further broaden our reach with fellow female coaches in the football community. For more information on the upcoming webinar, visit: https://esfa.com.au/females-only-skills-training-certificate/

For more information about the Female Coach Mentorship Group, visit: https://esfa.com.au/female-coach-mentorship-group/

If you would like to get involved and be added to the FCMG WhatsApp group chat, contact: juliachernoukha@gmail.com

With thanks to our partners

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